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SCHEDULE of Animation for Illustration. ILD122 2018

  • Weekly Modules 4 hours contact time with Tutor Sheila Graber & 20 hours Personal Study

    In 1940 Disney said it would be the ‘Art form of the Future” — he was right.. look around you it is EVERYWHERE- from adverts to feature films, from apps to X box.. It is the very best communicator - incorporating as it does, images,movement,sound,colour, drama fun and now true interactivity.
    There are LOADS of opportunities to bring your own ideas and style to it -
    and more chance of a JOB if you have this skill.

    with all the ideas that you cover in our sessions. This will play an important part in your final assessment.
    Store all the movies you make on a USB so you never lose them. ..never trust computers!

02.02.18 Week 1
Introduction to animation - discuss what it means to YOU.
Using Smart Phones & Free download Stop Motion Studio for ANDROID or for MAC
you animate with Pastel on Paper .
I supply small tripods & materials... e-mail me your final movie

P.S. Research on the web “Pastel Animation” and send me a link to one you think is good and why.
Buy a small tripod at the £ shop so you can do test animations at home.

09.02.18 Week 2
ToonBoom Harmony &Bamboo/tablet. Go over the very basics of
the software. Simple “in-betweeening” & onion skinning
Create a crazy “face” that shows a particular emotion in 12 frames-export as a QT movie - convert to Mp4 SAVE to USB.

P.S.Choose a favourite 3D object -one that means something to YOU. An old toy, a piece of sports gear..whatever.
Plan a short 10 second story round it and animate using your tripod,phone & Stop Motion Studio .
e-mail me your final movie

16.02.18 Week 3
Using ToonBoom Harmony & Bamboo tablet -explore actions and sound
use Audacity - Bring in Headphones

P.S... start from something REAL
a flower head,shoe, can of coke and bit by bit make it into a cartoon character...
that speaks a couple of lines.
DRAW all ideas In your sketch book. ..
send me jpg still of the main page thanks.

23.02.18 Week 4
walk cycles

Look at Walk Cycles and Headturns, Squash & StretchSend me a link to one you like.
send me your movies.

30.02.18 Week 5
Animate in ToonBoom Harmony -
Explore what can be done with simple geometric shapes - Triangles, circles squares.
Introduce Backgrounds and Actions

P.S.In your sketch books Create your own Square character and your own Circular character
No arms or legs...but they can be as crazy in their actions as you like.
Decide what sort of person they are - goody, baddy etc.
Where does each live ? What does each eat/drink? What do they like doing best?
Plan a 5-10 second storyline involving both - ready to start to animate next lesson

09.03.18 Week 6
ToonBoom Start on Circle/ Square Animation.

P.S. Check out all your movies - if you have not send me any please do so.

16.03.18 Week 7
Complete the movie with Title, Backrounds,Sound and Credits.

FINALLY . Check you are collecting all your movies together in order completed saved onto USB.
Keep your sketchbooks up to date. They will be assessed at end of Term by Matt & Holly & myself.

OH yes- and have fun animating!