.....Weekly Modules 5 hours contact time with Tutor Sheila Graber & 20 hours Personal Study


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06.03.17 Week6

Meet in Computer Room on Level 3- swipe in here to start 09.00am
We will work here all day on ToonBoom Harmony and Wacom Cintiq


and your sketch book with research from Personal Study week 5

We build a simple ibook about YOU and add text,animation,
sound images & puzzles to find out how ibooks work.


After 11.00 break

Start to make your Final Project iBook about Bees or Butterflies.
use images and Ideas from your Personal Study

To add a Drawing Widget



Personal Study Week 6
Continue to plan ideas for an interactive ibook for KS2 7-11 year olds .
Now you know how ibooks work prepare images,text,sound,movie ideas
for next ( FInal) week. .