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Personal Studies WK1


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Research Animations using Line

My Feedback

Dean Beckingham

La Linea
Really cool I like it it reminds me of the old loony toons cartoons
Yes tricky use of line Dean-I had to "copy" this style for the BBC in SCAT   

Brett Billingham

Wolf Song   , Steamboat Willie    Avatar Last Airbender I like each of these drawn animations because they all generate different moods through the use of style. The first is a very emotional story and this is emphasised by the loose, expressive lines that haven't been erased in the drawing process. The second is very neatly done and is very joyful and comical. The third is very intense. This is done well because the animation itself is drawn with a lot of detail.
Very Varied Choices. Really well described.

Ross Billingham

Avatar Battle, Aang & Suto meet the Dragon
I really like the way that they animate the characters dynamic movements and I especially love the way they animate fire, in a smooth flowing way much like the element in real life.
You're right the fire is effectively animated.

Shannon Conlin



Brigitte Grace

Procrastination I like this work because i can relate to it myself and the simplistic animation allows me to focus on what the narrator is saying while still watching the animation. Plain white background makes the figures standout more which makes it easier to focus on the subject in which the animator is trying to show.
Original choice Brigitte,really well summed up- no procrastination there.

Bethany Easton

La Linea
I picked it because I liked the use of only one line to create a scene.
Yes simple but great use of line I had to "copy" this style for the BBC in SCAT   

Matt Evans

Here is a drawn animation I like. I don't know if it's what you're looking for but I really enjoy the composition and the symbolism of the pendulum.
Really strong choice, shows how simple lines can create powerful enmotions.

Georgina Marie


Mauricio Francisco


Holly Furlong



Barbara Gomes
Vieira Rosa


Andrew Jordan

DRIVE The reason i liked this video so much was because it was released almost 10 years ago, and the way the video is designed with stop motion is incredible for how long ago it was made. I feel like this is great way to portray a music video.
Great Choice -Rotoscoping
works well -they copied this made in 1984 AHA



Abbie Kendray

Memeguy I really like this single line animation as it looks so life life while still only using one line. the plain background works well as the image with a single line stands out more. I really like how the objects are moved around still only looking like they are part of the single line.


Good demo of a single rotoscoped line - something you could try later on!

Thomas Large

DARIA I like the show a lot for it's simplistic character design as well as the basic background that comes with them. It matches the theme of the show perfectly which is heavily focused on the bland, (seemingly) boring life of the main character. The animation matches the shows themes perfectly and compliments the dialogue.
Very astute summary of the style suiting content-great research

Tracey Robertson

Satisfied Animatic     I like this because it makes me think 'how did they do that' and makes me want to learn how to do it too. I'm actucally subscribed to this animator on youtube and everytime there's a new video i'm excited to see how they've improved. Also their style is really cute.
Interesting you chose an animatc! Expressive loose lines

Zak George
Nichol Ridley



Maria Sousa

2D LINE I chose this line animation because even been simple is good animation and a funny story, and usually I get boring with animations like that, but not this one. Don't have sound and the characters are also quite simple, but with really good expressions.
This is an old one, I even remember how long I know this one. It's about addictions, and again it's simple.
This is another one who I know at a long time, and it had a big impact on me. because it's so true .The first time I saw it, I remember shared on Facebook.
Original and Powerful research "MAN" is amazing .One of the strongest current statements on "us" I have seen.

Kym Tennant


Rachel Ann


Lucy Wilkinson

Walking I really like this animation because I love the fact that you can see the process - the shadow of the drawings that formed the scenes beforehand, and the sheer amount of work and time that goes into each of his short films. You can often see the light changing over and over again as the days pass by while filming is being done.
La LineaI really like how the character interacts with the cartoonist and expects him to resolve situations, such as getting angry with him because the line has disappeared and becomes a cliff. I think it is very inventive and effective in it's simplicity.
Good research - have never seen "Walking" before - really original

Homayra Zarei



Lydia Speed

Hyatt Unbound Advert        I have chosen this advert as I love the use of movement throughout the frames as well as how much detail is involved, although it may be an advert it is so compact with a variety of images it looks almost like a short film.
Great choice - the movie works through line alone.

Sarah Hussain

LIfesource I loved the use of the outline on everything and how accurate it is. Also I thought the colours go really went together
Your are right - line & colour really emotive..and a FIRST year student.. could be you in the future - who knows