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Personal Studies WK2


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Create 2 contrasting Characters and animate to sound track         My Feedback


Dean Beckingham


Brett Billingham

Wimpy Knight & Monster.. really effective animation - the creeping to sword works well as does the waving it about.


Ross Billingham

Tricky Imp and a Bear - use masks in the story. Good animation of Bear and convincing bouncing from Imp - timingworks well to tell the story clearly.


Shannon Conlin

Lonely Sun - cheery moon - gravitate together. Lovely idea and the characters move well - just needs certain parts holding a bit longer to tell the story clearly


Brigitte Grace

Gullible Fox and Tricky Bird. Well drawn characters .Good animation on flying of bird and crouching of fox.


Bethany Easton


Matt Evans

Lumi a bit unsure and quiet Aiden-Fiery. Strongly contrastiong characters finally end up in a no -smoking ad.- good enough for broadcast!


Georgina Marie

BIg Bear tricky Squirrel meet a nut. Really loveable Bear character and good try at walk to tree.. felt sorry for him...


Mauricio Francisco

Big Muscle Super hero, small fragile windblown girll...evolved into a Head in search of a Body! Effective soundtrack and original well-animated characters


Holly Furlong

A large Mouse and small snail. The Mouse is well drawn and the small movement of eyes works well - good sqaush landing of the snail dropping.


Barbara Gomes
Vieira Rosa

Character just starting to walk-


Andrew Jordan

There's this lonely robot who's only real friend is a balloon that he takes everywhere with him, until one day a gust of wind takes his balloon away and ends up getting stuck in a tree, and that's where our big hulk like character can see our character In despair and helps him recover his balloon and they then form a friendship. Really POSITIVE STORY Andrew - lovethe Robot. The Animation world needs a bit more of this.

Abbie Kendray

Large Unicorn, small fairie. The drawing of both characters is very good and the Nod of the Unicorn's flashing horn is fine.. just need to slow it down. Check the framing on Monday .. your characters were originally much bigger?


Thomas Large

Huge monster and tiny monster. The movement of the foot crushing works very well - unfortunately for the little guy!


Tracey Robertson

Iris quiet but tricky Hedgehog, Rufinia typical curious fun packed Dog. Well edited and cute charcters


Zak George
Nichol Ridley

A new take on what happened to Jack & Jill- Very brave in attempting the whole story line - well done


Maria Sousa

Two shy and at first awkward pencils get together eventually... great use of eyes and soundtrack


Kym Tennant

Water and Fire characters. Simple but VERY effective animation. Good shot at walk in and brilliantly "cool" ending. You could have held characters at start a second more just to establish who they were.


Lucy Wilkinson


Two tin/junk characters. The shading and contrast in colours works really well to make your characters convincing. The timing is SPOT on - would be great, if you have time, to add sound (and get rid of white bit at the end)


Homayra Zarei

Two characters based on herself and friend Sarah. Fun drawings - look forward to some action - and even sound..you should have no problem producing a soundtrack between you!


Lydia Speed

Frankie the Bear and Walnut. Lovely drawing of the bear - and excellent animation of the snow and title - look forward to the series!


Sarah Hussain

Tall red and round blue characters. Bouncing in is good and the stuffing himself into the hole works works well.. hope we see and hear the grand finale some time.