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Personal Studies WK3


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Research Walk,run,fly Cycles, Head turns,Bouncing Ball       My Feedback


Dean Beckingham

All these are very inspiring to me due to the fact that I have looked at the most basic factors pf the walk cycle and then the more complex sides of it as well seeing the different styles of walk and the way gender also impacts the way a person walks as well this I feel will go very well into the way my future character designs go and shows me the styles and logistics of each from of character wether it be tall , small ,large or thin , giving me a good field of understanding of each. Excellent research Dean - yes Richard Williams is the KIng of walk cycles you can learn a lot from him,.


Brett Billingham



Ross Billingham


I like this example because the way that each character moves really shows the personality of the character and the animation flows very smoothly.

The link did not work Ross - the wonders of computers - at least you did the research


Shannon Conlin

I found this video on youtube of a bouncing animation and I liked this one because it shows how stiff the animation looks if you don't add the squash effect to the object bouncing.


Brigitte Grace

I found these videos useful on head turn, walk and running. Huge range of choice from VERY complex to simple - good research


Bethany Easton


Matt Evans



Georgina Marie


Mauricio Francisco

Here it´s a link for an artist thal i follow around 3 years and who have a lot of tutorials. Yes "draw with Jazza" is a very useful website -.


Holly Furlong

It won't let me copy and paste, but the run cycle is my favourite then the walk cycle


Barbara Gomes
Vieira Rosa


Andrew Jordan

I chose this specific walk cycle because its very much what my works like as I prefer to work in pencil to colour but I am always willing to broaden my horizons wit whatever task I have been given. Yes the sketchy feel is effective and strong- no need to be neat unless it the occasion demands it


Abbie Kendray

This is a tutorial that I watched for a Toon Boom animation for a walk cycle and I really liked it because it had the full character showing and told you specifically how to do the character and walk cycle I would love to try this in my animation! Good Choice as it is in ToonBoom - yes you can have a go tomorrow- after our "simple walk cycle" demo!


Thomas Large

This is a link to a video I watched on walk cycles which I found very useful. The person explains a new method of 'tweeting' very intricately, which describes how to create a fluid walk motion without having to draw each individual frame. Good research to find this - it is as you say an unusual approach - also the guy presenting could be related to you!


Tracey Robertson

 I really like how the animator take you from rough sketch to finished animation its really interesting to watch
2) head turn
I just really like the way its animated the turn looks so smooth and the animator has given the character life through the expressions he pulls
3) fly cycle i like the way the tale dips it gives the parrot a really sense of movement Loads of Good research will come in useful for next week


Zak George
Nichol Ridley


Maria Sousa

In this video I got to notice the movements of the character well,
I also chose it because he walks runs and it jumps in different angles.
Great Video Maria -once you learn 3D with Matt yu may do something like this!


Kym Tennant

Detailed tutorial in ToonBoom how to create a basic walk cycle. I like how fluid the movement looks throughout the walk and the small realistic aspects that were introduced toward the end to make the character appear more life-like.
'squash and stretch’ technique used to create a bouncing ball, I like this video as the animation has a more ‘fun’ feel to it than just a standard bouncing ball. Good choices and reasons for them - and all on ToonBoom!


Lucy Wilkinson

I like this walk cycle demo. Good choice - shows the power of working with paper cels - maybe one day you will get a go!


Homayra Zarei


Lydia Speed

Here is a walk cycle I found on YouTube which I thought was impressive.
I like the fluidity of movement through each character. Good reason for yourchoice - AND it was done by a student!


Sarah Hussain