1st Animation Session .... Back to Students


Jan. 30th. 9.00am to 1.pm

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of all 7weeks


Download Stop Motion Studio App from this site:-


Test it out on your smart phone and bring in your device and charger as you will be working with it at Uni. for a few hours.
We would like you, if possible, to bring your own mini tripod
(Pound shops sell them)
However we will supply mini Tripod/Support for smart phones if you have not been able to track one down.

Click to see how it will all work.



09 - 10 .. We check out what the course in animation is about.
in pairs make fun plasticine movie using Stop Motion Studio

10 - 11.00 .. Work Solo - creating portrait drawn pastel movie.
send me a copy- size 360 small

11 - 12.30 ..Work in twos- creating a story board & final short movie
send me a copy - size 360 small

12.30 -1.00 .Share our findings & Discuss Personal Study Work




Personal Study -
Look up "animation with a drawn line" on the web
Please send me the link you find most interesting...and in a sentence why

Find a free Drawing Animation App - and if you find a GOOD one tell me/us about it please